Azienda Agricola Corbucci
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Region: Tuscany, Italy
San Gimignano (Siena)


The "Corbucci" Brut represents the pinnacle of our sparkling wine selection, an exemplar of unmatched quality birthed from the enchanting hills of Tuscany. This sparkling wine stands out for its unique blend, comprising 80% Sangiovese grapes—the quintessential symbol of Italian viticulture—and 20% Galera grapes, carefully selected to impart a distinctive character and an unparalleled aromatic complexity to our Brut.

Crafted through meticulous vinification and aging processes, this product brilliantly showcases the potential of its terroir, offering an unforgettable tasting experience. The "Corbucci" Brut is celebrated for its vibrancy and freshness, featuring a fine and elegant perlage that gracefully dances in the glass, unveiling gently intertwined fruity and floral notes.

Designed to accompany moments of socializing and celebration, this sparkling wine is perfect for enjoying on any occasion, from the most sophisticated dinners to spontaneous toasts among friends. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for an aperitif or to pair with light dishes, enhancing each combination with its delightful acidity and lasting freshness.

With every sip of "Corbucci" Brut, we invite you to share our passion for wine and the beauty of our Tuscan hills, where tradition and innovation converge to create a sparkling wine that is a pure pleasure to savor. Discover the unique character of this sparkling wine and let yourself be captivated by its unmistakable charm.

Diving deeper into its production, the "Corbucci" Brut is the result of a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity. The Sangiovese and Galera grapes are harvested at the peak of their maturity to ensure the highest quality. The meticulous selection process ensures that only the best grapes contribute to the "Corbucci" Brut's exceptional quality. Following the harvest, the grapes undergo a gentle pressing, with the must fermented at controlled temperatures to preserve the aromatic profile inherent to the varieties.

Secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, following the traditional method, which allows the wine to develop its characteristic perlage through a natural process of yeast fermentation. This method also contributes to the wine's complexity, adding layers of depth and texture that are impossible to achieve through other methods. The "Corbucci" Brut then ages on its lees for an extended period, a crucial phase that enriches the wine with creamy textures and sophisticated nuances of flavor.

As you pour a glass of "Corbucci" Brut, notice its vibrant straw-yellow color and the way the light reflects off its lively bubbles. The bouquet is an intricate blend of fresh orchard fruits, hints of citrus, and subtle floral undertones, leading to a palate that is both crisp and rounded, with a refreshing acidity and a smooth, elegant finish.

The "Corbucci" Brut is not just a wine; it is a celebration of the Tuscan landscape, a testament to the skill of our winemakers, and a tribute to the art of living well. Whether as a gift, a personal indulgence, or the centerpiece of your next gathering, the "Corbucci" Brut is sure to elevate any moment into a memorable experience.